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Participate in ICC

ICC exists to promote the use and adoption of open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management systems. To achieve this, ICC members undertake a wide range of activities through the ICC working groups. Examples include:
  • Develop new color management technologies like iccMAX
  • Develop color management standards in conjunction with bodies like ISO Technical Committees
  • Develop White Papers and other documents on aspects of color management
  • Develop profiles for common color management needs
  • Work with industry and user groups to solve color management problems
  • Work with universities and research groups

For those interested in color management, there are many opportunities to participate in the work of ICC. These are continually changing depending on current needs, but some current examples include:


iccMAX is ICC's next-generation color management technology that goes beyond D50 colorimetry and supports spectral data, different illuminants and viewing conditions, run-time calculations, extended namedColor profiles, Material connection and a range of other new options. The profile format and architecture is described in the iccMAX specification, and a reference CMM implementation has been produced with support for generating, testing and applying iccMAX profiles. Details can be found on the iccMAX page. Those interested in testing iccMAX should contact the ICC Technical Secretary.

Medical Imaging

The ICC Medical Imaging Working Group was set up to enable and promote the correct and effective use of ICC color management for medical imaging, and in doing so it is working with experts from across medical imaging to address problems in color calibration, communication and processing for medical devices and imaging modalities. More information is available on the Medical Imaging Working Group page.


ICC is working to develop new solutions for color management problems. To ensure these address user needs it welcomes feedback. Profiles and documents are often released in beta form for testing before final versions are adopted. Current areas where ICC invites test results are:


ICC holds regular events on color management topics. They include Expert Days which focus on a particular aspect of color management, the bi-annual ICC Developer Conference, and user-focused event such as the NPES-ICC Color Management Forum.

Upcoming ICC events are normally listed on the web site, and a list of all events can be found at the Events page.

Research fund

To further ICC's goal of promoting the use and adoption of open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management systems, ICC invites proposals from PhD students working in an aspect of colour imaging who need funding for a particular element of their research. Details of the ICC Research Fund are available here.


ICC welcomes new members. Details of the benefits of being an ICC member, and details of how to join, can be found here.