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New world of color study

With support from ICC, the Association for PRINT Technologies has researched the market for colour management and published the results in the form of a detailed report.

APTech's market research unit, PRIMIR, commissioned Nima Hunter, Inc. to prepare the new study in order to provide its members with credible baseline metrics and projectable consensus forecasts of vendor product manager opinions, expert opinions, prepress customer opinions and end-user opinions related to the adoption and use of new color and appearance management software and color measurement hardware over the 2017- 2022 forecast period. The scope is limited to markets in the U.S. commercial, in-plant, packaging, and wide-format inkjet for color management solutions, ICC profiling, and the preparation of prepress files. Specifically, this study was commissioned to address the following topics:

  • Companies focusing on color management solutions
  • Color measurement hardware and color management software available
  • Who is managing software and hardware system integrations?
  • Industry accepted color management best practices
  • Changes in color and appearance measurement technology
  • Expected roles that iccMAX is likely to play
The study also identified and probed key stakeholders regarding additional color and appearance management technologies, trends, and topics likely to be pertinent to APTech members for potential future research.

A summary of the report is here

More details and the full report are available from APTech.

ICC members can purchase the study at a 50% discount using the code: ICCMEMBER