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Got a question about ICC Profiles or colour management?

Is your system V4-ready?

We have a simple test you can use. The two test pages provided here (one in HTML, one in PDF) have ICC Version 4 profiles embedded in their image data.

The test pages demonstrate how various applications, such as your browser or PDF viewer, handle Version 4 ICC profiles.

Follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your application settings haven't disabled color management. The preferences may include options for turning color management on, and for preserving profiles embedded in documents. See your application documentation for how to do this. Many applications lack user settable controls for color management.
  2. Open one or both of these pages in the application you want to test.
  3. If possible also print these pages, as your printing system doesn't always match the abilities of the application.
  4. Compare the test image with the example results shown on the test page, to determine if your system is using the profiles correctly.
If the application doesn't display or print the pages correctly, first verify again that you have not disabled color management, then check with your vendor for available upgrades. Some applications provide their own color management, while other applications use operating system services, such as ICM or ColorSync. In the latter case you may need to upgrade the operating system.

You can also test your image editing applications using the images that make up the test image. Using your browser save each part of the test image to disk as a separate image file, then follow the steps above.

This test is not exhaustive. For example, it doesn't test CMYK profiles, and it doesn't test all possible contexts where ICC profiles are used, such as monitor profiles.

This test does not test that your system is properly calibrated. It generates an extremely big difference between correct and incorrect colors, enabling you to evaluate the results even if your system is not properly calibrated.