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Current status of iccMAX specification

This page describes the current status of iccMAX. It is updated as the status changes.

The iccMAX specification is now published by both ICC and ISO. The ICC version ICC.2 can be downloaded from the ICC specifications page. The ISO version ISO 20677 is available from ISO, and is effectively identical to the ICC version.

The iccMAX specification was first approved by ICC on 29 July 2016, and subsequently versions were approved in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Prior to this a preliminary version was made available for comment by individuals and organisations.

The iccMAX specification was developed by a joint working group of ICC and ISO TC130. The ICC and ISO versions are technically equivalent. The ISO version was published in February 2019. The ICC version has the same page numbering and section numbering as ISO 20677, and differs only in title page, copyright information etc.

A reference implementation has also been developed to provide a means of creating and applying profiles that conform to the iccMAX preliminary specification. Example Interoperability Conformance Specifications have been published and others are currently in preparation.

Please contact the ICC Technical Secretary if you are interested in participating in developing, implementing or testing iccMAX.

Potential testers should note that a reference implementation, the RefIccMAX project, first released in January 2016 and regularly updated since, provides an open source set of libraries and tools that allow for the interaction, manipulation, and application of iccMAX based colour management profiles based on the iccMAX profile specification.

ICC will also continue work on Interoperability Conformance Specifications, which will define sub-sets of iccMAX for particular implementation domains. Where appropriate hese will become part of published specifications.