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ICC Specifications


The current iccMAX specification was approved by the ICC on 12 October 2023.

Specification ICC.2:2023 (iccMAX) Image technology colour management - Extensions to architecture, profile format, and data structure

The previous version, ICC.2:2019, is also published as ISO 20677-1. The ISO document is the responsibility of ISO TC 130 Joint Working Group 7, together with ICC.

The ICC and ISO versions are effectively identical, with the exception of differences in title page, copyright statement etc.

The iccMAX specification should be read in conjunction with the current Errata list and with use case-specific Interoperability Conformance Specifications. More information about iccMAX is available on the iccMAX page.

v4 ICC Specification

This is the latest update to the v4 specification, published May 2022. It incorporates three additional tags or types approved by ICC ballot since the last version, ICC.1:2010, together with items from the published errata and other minor changes. The new tags and types are:

  • Dictionary type and Metadata tag
  • Coding Independent Code Points Type for video signal identification

Specification ICC.1:2022 (Profile version Image technology colour management - Architecture, profile format, and data structure


ICC Specification in other languages

Japanese JIS X 9207: 2012 JSA Web Store (search for document X9207)
  Translation of ISO 15076-1:2010


Previous ICC Profile Specification (v2)

ICC also recognizes the validity of ICC profiles with the version corresponding to the immediate previous major revision. The current major revision is v4. The immediate previous major revision is v2. The specification for v2 ICC profiles is:

Specification ICC.1:2001-04, File Format for Color Profiles

Developers should implement according to the latest specification for the major version (v2 or v4) they intend to support. Reasons for using v4 are described here, and current ICC recommendations for making v2 profiles can be found here.


Past ICC Profile Specifications

These past versions of the ICC Specification are listed here for the convenience of the standards community, since other ANSI and ISO standards may reference these versions. These past versions should not be used in future references or for new implementations.

    V4 versions superceded by ICC.1:2022:

  • ICC.1:2010-12
  • ICC.1:2010-12 Errata
  • ICC.1:2004-10
  • ICC.1:2004-10 Errata (Lists all changes made in the publication of ISO 15076:2005)
  • Specification ICC.1:2004-04 - Image technology colour management - Architecture, profile format, and data structure
  • Specification ICC.1:2003-09, File Format for Color Profiles (Version 4.1.0)
  • SpecificationICC.1:2001-12,File Format for Color Profiles (Version 4.0.0)
  • V2 versions superceded by Specification ICC.1:2001-04:

  • Document ICC.1A:1999-04, Addendum 2 to Spec. ICC.1:1998-09
  • Spec ICC.1:1998-09, File Format for Color Profiles
  • Version 3.4 - August 15, 1997
  • Version 3.3 - November 11, 1996
  • Version 3.2 - November 20, 1995
  • Version 3.01 - May 8, 1995
  • Version 3.0 - June 10, 1994

Copies of these past specifications are available on request