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Why should your company become an ICC member? See below for member benefits and Join now for more information and a video!

Member benefits

  • Participation in the on-going development of the ICC Profile Format Specification

    The ICC specification undergoes continuous upgrading and improvement. Currently, there are 5 working groups that are actively discussing issues that will potentially lead to changes in the specification. By joining the ICC, you can participate in the development of those improvements to the specification.

  • Advanced notice of future changes to the ICC Profile Format Specification

    The ICC releases updated versions of the specification on a periodic basis. The release of minor revisions may take place on a yearly basis. Major revisions are released on a much longer time frame. Those changes render current software obsolete and require the development of new versions of products. Each change agreed to by the ICC may not be released to the general public for months or sometimes years after agreement in the ICC. However, as a member you are aware of any and all changes forthcoming and can be working towards future releases of your product as the ICC agrees to improvements in the Profile Format Specification.

  • Networking with world renowned color scientists

    The ICC currently has members from the leading digital camera, software, printing equipment, peripheral, digital copier, film, plate, ink and chemistry manufacturers in the world. At ICC meetings, you rub elbows with the finest minds in color science, computer science, graphic arts, photography, mathematics and other disciplines key to successful product development. When you need an answer to a question, your contacts at the ICC are available to assist with your problem.

  • Recognition of your company's support for the advancement of color management

    Your company is listed on the ICC web site with a link to your company's web site. The ICC web site receives over 14,000 unique visitors per month and your listing provides you with priceless visibility as a supporter of the only industry initiative to make color management a reality.

    The ICC is open to corporate members who work in fields related to color management. Members must sign the ICC Membership Agreement, Promoters agreement and pay the annual dues. Current dues rates are $3000/year.

    Complete membership documents are available in pdf format by clicking here. If you are interested in joining the ICC, please contact the ICC Secretary Debbie Orf.

    ICC Intellectual Property Policy

    At the July, 1996 meeting, the ICC adopted the ISO policy on intellectual property as its policy for IP matters from that day forward. Details are here.