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Sample ICC

The SampleICC project provides an example of ICC profile parsing, manipulation, and application including support for version 4 ICC profiles. Source code is provided. The IccProfLib subproject library is the heart of the implementation.

The included code and projects (See SampleICC\Tools\Winnt\BuildAll.dsw) can be built using Visual Studio C++ 6.0. These projects can be converted and built using Visual Studio .NET as well. Other makefiles for the text based command line tools (in SampleICC\Tools\CmdLine) will need to be created.

ProfileDump is an example utility built using SampleICC, which reads and tests ICC profiles for conformance with the current specification.

iccCreateCLUTInputProfile is a utility that will generate an ICC input profile from the data for a 3D look-up table. iccCreateCLUTInputProfile is a command line tool for which the source code is available in the SampleICC project.