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ICC Events

In order to promote more widespread understanding and adoption of ICC colour management, ICC holds a number of open events in conjunction with its member meetings and in association with industry, professional societies and universities.

Recent events are listed below by topic or by geographical region. Further information, technical programmes and in some cases including full presentations, are available for each event.

Developer Conference

The ICC Developer Conference is an opportunity to engage with the latest ICC technology. The next DevCon will be in Munich on February 27, 2018.

Previous DevCon events:

DevCon 2016 in San Diego, CA.

DevCon 2014 in Boston

DevCon 2012 Los Angeles, CA.

DevCon 2010 San Antonio, Texas.

DevCon 2008 Portland, Oregon

DevCon 2006 Leeds, UK

DevCon 2005 Scottsdale, Arizona

Medical Imaging

The most recent full meeting of the Medical Imaging Working Group was in San Diego, CA Group

Previous meetings of the Medical Imaging Working Group are listed at here. Presentations from the meetings are normally available to download.


In 2016 an ICC/NPES Print Business Outlook meeting was held in Mumbai on 15 March. This was followed by a Colour Management Conference in Jakarta.

ICC and NPES held a colour management conference in New Delhi on February 12 2015 with the theme 'Manufacturing Success with Color Management'.

An ICC/APTEC meeting took place in Hong Kong on November 13 2013.

ICC held its first meeting in China in Beijing on October 21 2012.

ICC and Chiba University, Japan held the third ICC/Chiba Color Experts' Day on February 1 2013.

The previous Color Experts' Day events at Chiba were:

ICC Chiba Color Experts' Day 2010

ICC Chiba Color Experts' Day 2007


A Graphic Arts Color Experts' Day was held in Prague in June 2017.

ICC held a Medical Imaging Experts' Day in Kuurne, Belgium in March 2015.

CIE Division 1 held a workshop on Current Issues in Colorimetry in Graphic Arts in Leeds in July 2013, with ICC support and participation.

A Graphic Arts Color Experts' day was held in Frankfurt on June 12 2013. This meeting focused on current issues in colour management that concern the printing, packaging and publishing industries.

In June 2011, there was a ICC/HP Digital Print Day in Sant Cugat, Spain.

In March 2009, ICC held a Digital Print Day in Paris, sponsored by Oce Print Logic Technologies.

Working Groups

Regular meetings of ICC working groups are held three times a year. Details are here.