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Workshop on colorimetry, graphic arts and colour management

4 July 2013
Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 18, University of Leeds, UK

CIE held a Workshop on Colorimetry and Graphic Arts to enable issues around CIE colorimetry that could affect communication of colour information in graphic arts colour reproduction to be discussed. This took place at University of Leeds, UK on July 4 2013.

CIE Division One has a number of Technical Committees working on topics of interest to the colour management and graphic arts communities. ICC supports the initiative of CIE Division 1 to actively address such topics.

Presentations from the meeting can be downloaded from the links below.

Chairman's Introduction

ISO Technical Committee 130 Graphic Technology identified a number of issues through its regular liaison with both CIE and ICC.

CIE has recommended the advanced colour difference formula CIEDE2000 for expressing small differences between samples. Many implementers have found the published documentation of this formula to be too complex to be able to implement unambiguously, and TC 130 would like to have more guidance and clarification on this.

Colour difference in neutrals
In image reproduction, getting neutral (grey) correct, at all lightness levels, is considered to be of critical importantance. Current colour difference metrics, including CIEDE2000, do not allow users to define how different two grays can be and still be perceived as equivalent. Colour rendering of white light sources
Light sources for viewing surface colours are evaluated by a Color Rendering Index (CRI). ISO TC 130 references CRI calculations in its standards for measurement and viewing, but newer types of illumination now being used, especially LEDs, have created the need to re-define the CRI calculation. Other topics

Colour gamuts

Defining black Whiteness and fluorescence Call for participation
If you are interested in participating in activities arising from the topics discussed in this Symposium, please contact the ICC Technical Secretary.