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Danny Rich Memorial Scholarship Fund

The International Color Consortium has established a scholarship fund in memory of Dr. Danny Rich, who passed away in 2022 and was an active member of ICC.

ICC invites proposals from those working in a topic related to colour management who need funding for their research. The list of supported topics is updated periodically. ICC currently welcomes applications which relate to the development of a rapid method of generating individual observer colour matching functions. For this project the researcher would need a high level of competence in linear algebra and numerical optimization, and some familiarity with colour matching functions. ICC would provide support and guidance on the work.

A maximum of $10,000 will be awarded each year. ICC especially encourages applications for the cost of publishing at conferences such as CIC. Funds can also be used for subsistence, travel, or purchase of items necessary for the work such as research equipment, software licenses or publications.

For more information please contact the ICC Technical Secretary .

The 2023 award went to You-Sheng Zhang of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, for the project "Comparing colour perception on LCDs with different backlight technologies - A study on observer metamerism".