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Medical displays

Problem statement

There is no suitable colour display calibration objective for medical imaging displays designed to display colour images


Define a set of colour spaces and ICC profiles for medical displays using the GSDF as the greyscale 'Medical RGB Color Space - mRGB'

Questions to be considered:

  • How should the effect of ambient illumination be incorporated in the model? What is expected when the ambient illumination changes?
  • The gloss / directional imaging characteristics of the display can significantly change the appearance. What (if any) are the requirements for display uniformity.
  • The neutral scale has been defined to be DICOM GSDF but what is the expectation for chromatic colours?
  • Organisations: AAPM WGMD, ICC
  • Individuals:

Project coordinator: Michael Flynn

Medical Imaging Working Group main page.


16 January 2014 telecon Minutes | Audio recording

See the Medical Imaging Working Group main page for details of upcoming meetings.


ICC White Paper 44: Visualization of colour on medical displays

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