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Registry Overview

The data registry is in two sections. Section 1 contains characterization data for standard printing processes and three component color spaces and section 2 contains vendor specific characterization data.

Guidelines for Submitting Data To The Registry

Standards organizations in good standing with the ICC may submit data for inclusion in section 1 of the registry. Vendors who manufacture printing equipment such as proofing systems and printing presses, or those who wish to register any three-component color space, may submit data for inclusion in section 2. The Technical Secretary of the ICC will determine whether the data submitted is appropriate for inclusion in the registry.

Essential Information

Reference Name This should be a short, memorable name - conforming to the specification on the previous page - which will be used to identify the characterization data set, for example when it is used to create ICC Profiles.
Description This should include a full description of the printing process used, or three component color space, and should details of how the characterization data was measured (where appropriate). This may be a reference to other documentation but sufficient detail must be provided to allow a skilled user to reproduce the printing conditions or three-component color space, to a reasonably close tolerance.
Contact Name (including telephone, fax and email where possible) of a suitable contact from whom additional information may be obtained.

Example Characterization Data Registry Entry

Reference Name CGATS TR 001
Data Description SWOP (Publication) printing in USA
Printing process definition ANSI CGATS.6
Characterization data
   Documentation source
   Electronic data source

ANSI CGATS TR 001-1995
NPES (small fee)
Responsible Organization ANSI CGATS Standards Committee
Additional Information
   Contact Information

Adam Dewitz, NPES
Tel +1 (703) 264-7200
Fax: +1 (703) 620-0994
email: [email protected]