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Profile registration

The Profile Registry is primarily intended to host profiles which are based on registered printing conditions and characterization data sets.

An organisation wishing to register a profile for a registered printing condition and characterization data set should submit the following to the ICC Technical Secretary:

  1. The profile
  2. A completed registration form which provides:
    • additional metadata including the printing condition for which the profile is intended, and a pointer to the specific characterization data set in the ICC registry upon which the profile is based
    • assurance that there are no current restrictions on distributing the profile, including explicit agreement from the vendor of the tools used to make the profile
    • assurance that the profile will not be removed from the registry unless necessary
  3. A fee if required (see below)


Before submitting a profile, ensure that:

  • The profile is compliant with the ICC specification (see Profile Dump at Profile Viewing and Testing for a profile validation utility).
  • The profile name is indicative of the printing condition, is limited to characters and numbers, with no spaces or other symbols except for '-' and '_', and has the file extension '.icc'
  • Where the profile name or profile description includes a trademark, that permission to use the trademark in this way has been provided by the trademark owner.

Registration form

A completed example registration form is available. Please contact the ICC Technical Secretary with any queries on completing the form.

The profile provider is responsible for ensuring that permission to redistribute the profile has been obtained from the profile creator, together with any restrictions on use and (where applicable) the end user license agreement that is to be distributed with the profile.

Registration fee

A fee will be collected from entities that register profiles to cover the ICC's costs of maintaining the registry. Initially this will be $50 per profile posted. The fee will be waived for not-for-profit organisations.


ICC recommends that the terms of use of a registered profile are incorporated in the profile's Copyright tag. A suggested wording for the text of this license is:
"This profile is made available by [profile provider], with permission of [profile vendor], and may be copied, distributed, embedded, made, used, and sold without restriction. Altered versions of this profile shall have the original identification and copyright information removed and shall not be misrepresented as the original profile."