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Profile Name: APTEC_PC10_CardBoard_2023_v1.icc

Profile Provider: Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC)

Contact: Brenda Pang

Copyright: X-Rite, Inc

License: Copyright X-Rite, Inc. This profile is made available by Advanced Printing Technology Centre, with permission of X-Rite, Inc., and may be used without restriction. It may not be altered. It may not be distributed, sold or altered without written permission of Advanced Printing Technology Centre except for single site use.

Separation details:
TAC: 340% GCR: Medium+  Max black: 100% Black start: 30% TVI: CTV

Profile ID: D037939B 91AE0B78 120BD0F0 6ECEC99B

Unique rendering intents: AToB0, AToB1, AToB2, BToA0, BToA1, BToA2

Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut: No


Printing Condition

ISO printing condition: ISO 12647-2 Printing Substrate 10 "One-side Coated Paper board"

Printing process definition: Sheet-fed offset printing according to ISO 12647-2 Printing Substrate 10 "One-side Coated Paper board"


Characterization data

Reference Name: APTEC_PC10_CardBoard_2023_v1

Target data: APTEC_PC10_CardBoard_2023_v1.txt