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ICC Technical Note 11-2005: ICC Profile Header

Last updated: March 2006
Specification covered by this Technical Note: ICC.1 (v4)

A header file is provided for the convenience of those writing code to generate ICC profiles.

ICC Header File 03-2006
This version corresponds to the profile specification version 4.2, and is compatible with ISO 15076.

ICC Header File 01-2004
This is the previous version of the header file, which corresponds to the profile specification version 4.2.

ICC Header File 01-2001
A previous version of the header file, also corresponding to profile specification version 4.2.

No support is provided by the ICC for the use of the header file. Users should refer to the current Specification for details of the profile structure.

The ICC Header File is an element of SampleICC a public project which provides source code for profile parsing, manipulation, and application.