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Medical Imaging: Petri plate calibration

Problem statement

Although automation is widely used in clinical chemistry, hematology and immunology laboratories, the microbiology laboratory has only recently adopted automation.

Automation of the clinical microbiology laboratory is a multifunctional process, including the incubation and imaging of inoculated cultures on plates. The end-user is now assessing an image instead of a physical plate in order to perform a presumptive identification.

Currently, there is no agreement among manufacturers on the way to handle these Petri plate images from a color acquisition and a visualization perspective.


Interested parties should develop a proposal for assessing Petri plate readers and display management.

The following activities are included:

  1. Establish a measurement setup and associated protocol in order to allow the spectral characterization of inoculated plates, in both reflectance and transmittance.
  2. Establish a common control colorimetric method to asses the color image quality of a Petri plate reader system
  3. Propose a unified display management framework for Petri plate images (color and potentially multispectral).

Project coordinator: Jeremie Pescatore

Medical Imaging Working Group main page.


Petri plates reading and viewing: a need for standardisation

Petri plates image acquisition: a colour calibration method