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Color Eye Model Project

Problem statement

One reason for the color differences in the appearance of the retina in fundus imaging in ophthalmology is the lack of a suitable calibration method or standard. This causes significant retinal color disparity from camera to camera, even within the same manufacturer for the same patient.


  • Develop a suitable calibration phantom and calibration method, and devise the best working/vendor practices to ensure color consistency across devices and manufacturers.
  • To generate a repeatable, reliable method of 'profiling' individual fundus camera/ophthalmic digital imaging system combinations, and using that profile to attempt to bring the various systems to a reasonable color standard.
  • To work with the main companies that produce these systems to work toward this set of color standards in the interest of longitudinal research and accuracy of imaging in the field at large.


Company / OrganisationName
Rochester Institute of TechnologyChristye Sisson
Flaum Eye Institute, University of Rochester Medical CenterBill Fischer
Penn State Hershey Eye CenterJim Strong
Rochester Institute of Technology, Munsell Color Science LaboratoryMark Fairchild
Penn State Hershey Eye CenterTim Bennett
Fundus Photography Reading Center, University of WisconsinDennis Thayer
Sonomed/EscalonMatt Carnavale
Carl Zeiss MeditecKevin Langton
CanonRich Amador
Rochester Institute of Technology, Munsell Color Science LaboratorySusan Farnand
Fundus Photography Reading Center, University of WisconsinDennis Thayer

Project coordinator: Christye Sisson

Medical Imaging Working Group main page.


See the Medical Imaging Working Group main page for details of upcoming meetings.


Report on Phase 1 of the project:
Color Management in Ophthalmic Photography Witwer, Fairchild, Sisson

Other documents for this project are available here.