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ICC Chiba Color Experts' Day 2013

ICC and Chiba University held a Color Experts' Day at Chiba University on February 1 2013, focusing on current research in colour imaging science in Japan.

See the full program of the meeting. Where available, presentations from the event can be downloaded below.

Colour session

Research and Education for Vision, Color and Image Sciences in Chiba University
Professor Hirohisa Yaguchi

The Effect on Gamut Expansion of Real Objects Colors in Multi-primary Display
Mr. Chun-Kai Chang (with H.Yaguchi)

Medical Imaging session

Appearance Enhancement of Blood Circulation of Organ During Surgery
Professor Hideaki Haneishi

Medical Image Processing for Intuitive Navigation and Surgical Workflow Analysis
Professor Ryoichi Nakamura

Evaluation of Biological Effect on Luminance of Stereoscopic Displays
Mr. Kyosuke Takahashi (with T. Nakaguchi, R. Okamoto, I. Shimoyama, Y. Miyake)

Microcirculation Imaging with Multicolor LEDs and Mini CCD Camera
Mr. Zhenguang Li (with S. Kaneko, S. Oda, H. Kawahira, H. Haneishi)

4D-MRI Reconstruction of Thoracoabdominal Organ Mr. Windra Swastika (with H. Haneishi)

For more information about ICC work on colour in medical imaging, see the Medical Imaging Working Group page.