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ICC Medical Imaging Working Group - Action Items

This page records the action items agreed at meetings of the ICC Medical Imaging Working Group and tracks their status.

The table can be sorted by any of the header fields by clicking on the header text.

Meeting minutes and audio recordings are here.

MIWG-2017-13WSIContact CAP for details of their recommendations for viewing conditions for pathology images11-10-2017RevieOpen
MIWG-2017-12DICOMCirculate DICOM amendment on camera RAW to MIWG members11-10-2017RevieDone
MIWG-2017-11DisplaysTest iccMAX GSDF profile on GSDF calibrated display with ambient illuminance passed in as environmental variable11-10-2017BaiOpen
MIWG-2017-10DisplaysReport on iccMAX GSDF profiles at next MIWG meeting11-10-2017DerhakOpen
MIWG-2017-09DisplaysRemind Tom Kimpe about providing calibration targets11-10-2017GreenDone
MIWG-2017-08DICOMCirculate DICOM specification amendment on support for camera RAW to MIWG members for comment11-10-2017RevieDone
MIWG-2017-07DICOMInvite ICC members to participate in DICOM Connectathon11-10-2017RevieOpen
MIWG-2017-06GeneralContact university MIWG members to invite input on future MIWG activities28-06-2017RevieOpen
MIWG-2017-05DisplaysDevelop ICS for GSDF, using iccMAX profiles as a basis28-06-2017GreenDone
MIWG-2017-04DisplaysMeet with Aldo Badano to discuss ICC participation in AAPM activity, obtain input from Song by email, determine liaison requirements from IEC, invite Badano to participate in ICC meeting in Toronto28-06-2017RevieDone
MIWG-17-03GeneralDevelop activity proposals on Viewing Environment in Pathology Imaging; Automation of Detecting Anomalous Features; and Electro-Optical Requirements for Medical Displays20-05-2017Revie; Lianza; WonseonOpen
MIWG-17-02WSIInvite those interested in work on LCD filter-based WSI calibration to get in touch with Yamaguchi-san20-05-2017RevieDone
MIWG-17-01PhotographyAdd comment from Vogh and initiate two-week technical review of Photography guidelines20-05-2017Green, PenczekDone
MIWG-16-24DisplaysDevelop FAQ item for determining display gamut boundary with iccMAX gamutBoundaryDescType05-11-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-23PhotographyReview draft guidelines for medical photography05-11-2016Vogh, Walowit, Holm, Cheydleur, BaiDone
MIWG-16-22PhotographyPost further images on Medical Photography05-11-2016Vander Haeghen, GreenDone
MIWG-16-21PhotographyProvide liaison copy of draft ISO TR on scene-referred camera output05-11-2016WalowitDone
MIWG-16-20Petri plate calibrationDistribute draft primer on Petri plate system calibration by December 201605-11-2016PescatoreClosed
MIWG-16-19PhotographyWrite shorter section on colour management for the guidelines and an appendix containing the full details24-06-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-18PhotographyObtain permissions to use clinical images in guidelines document24-06-2016Vander HaeghenDone
MIWG-16-17PhotographyAdd a summary of key points to the guidelines24-06-2016PenczekDone
MIWG-16-16PhotographyPost 'before' and 'after' images provided by Dr Vander Haeghen, showing the effect of calibration, on the Photography area of the MIWG web04-05-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-15DisplaysPost working and submitted versions of the MIWG-commented FDA Displays guidance document in the Displays area of the MIWG web site04-05-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-14WSIPost FDA WSI guidelines document with colour sections highlighted on MIWG web site04-05-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-13WSICompile list of items for information and guidance for FDA guidance document and post on ICC web site04-05-2016Olsen, Vander Haeghen, Chang, Revie, Badano, GreenClosed
MIWG-16-12DisplaysDiscuss ICS for GSDF and report back to MIWG04-05-2016Bai, Derhak, Nagashima-san, KimpeOpen
MIWG-16-11PhotographyProvide document on camera calibration research project for ICC web site04-05-2016Vander HaeghenClosed
MIWG-16-10PhotographyProvide poster on camera calibration04-05-2016Vander HaeghenClosed
MIWG-16-09PhotographyInvestigate possible publication channels for guidelines16-02-2016BilissiDone
MIWG-16-08PhotographyRequest input from guidelines contributors with two months target for submissions16-02-2016PenczekDone
MIWG-16-07PhotographyProvide further input on medical photography guidelines and workflow figure to Penczek16-02-2016HungDone
MIWG-16-06PhotographyConsider providing annex for white paper on medical photography describing some basic steps that can be taken in situations where full guidelines cannot be followed16-02-2016PenczekDone
MIWG-16-05DisplaysProvide comments on draft recommendations on display devices for radiology to Revie16-02-2016Martin / Nagashima-san / Bai / Kimpe / Pescatore / VoghClosed
MIWG-16-04DisplaysCirculate draft recommendation on display devices for radiology to members16-02-2016RevieDone
MIWG-16-03DisplaysCirculate revised WP44 for member review ending before next steering committee meeting16-02-2016GreenDone
MIWG-16-02DisplaysEdit WP44 and circulate for review by end February16-02-2016Kimpe / Bai / RevieDone
MIWG-16-01Petri plateSend Petri plate imaging guidelines for review by MIWG16-02-2016PescatoreClosed
MIWG-15-36WSIEvaluate reproducibility of WSI calibration13-10-2015VendorsClosed
MIWG-15-35WSISend ICC profile based on Sierra calibration to each evaluator 13-10-2015RevieDone
MIWG-15-34WSIProvide input on calibration errors using different types of training sets 13-10-2015Holm / WalowitDone
MIWG-15-33DisplaysContinue to discuss L* vs sRGB and GSDF calibration19-06-2014AllClosed
MIWG-15-32DisplaysAdd details of how to achieve CSDF calibration using ICC Profiles to White paper being developed by Tom Kimpe13-10-2015LepplaDone
MIWG-15-31DisplaysClarify support for 10-bit display pipeline on Mac OS10, Windows and Linux13-10-2015Vogh / KimpeDone
MIWG-15-30DisplaysMake assessment targets available to group 13-10-2015KimpeDone
MIWG-15-29DisplaysSend references on evaluation of profile smoothness to Kimpe 13-10-2015GreenDone
MIWG-15-28DisplaysProvide template and information on WP approval process to Kimpe 13-10-2015GreenDone
MIWG-15-27DisplaysProceed to finalise document and submit for approval as ICC White Paper 13-10-2015KimpeDone
MIWG-15-26DisplaysProvide feedback to Kimpe on display calibration recommendations by October 19 13-10-2015AllDone
MIWG-14-38DisplaysModify protocol to standardize field of view, illumination and modify model eye to a lower magnification 19-06-2014SissonDone
MIWG-14-37DisplaysProvide his dermatological color chart as an example19-06-2014Vander HaeghenClosed
MIWG-14-36DisplaysDefine colors that should be included in target (limit 20)19-06-2014Sisson / FarnandDone
MIWG-14-35DisplaysPresent summary of work on the calibration slide for FDA meeting on 20 June19-06-2014RevieDone
MIWG-14-34DisplaysProvide results on permanence of calibration slides to group19-06-2014RevieClosed
MIWG-14-33DisplaysContact Craig Revie to schedule participation in assessment slide evaluation round-robin19-06-2014VendorsDone
MIWG-14-32DisplaysPlan teleconference to continue discussion on medical display architecture19-06-2014XthonaDone
MIWG-14-31DisplaysPrepare summary for FDA plenary19-06-2014XthonaDone
MIWG-14-30DisplaysTest accuracy of ICC architecture in reproducing medical color images19-06-2014allDone
MIWG-14-29OpthalmologyProvide paper on Phase 1 results for publication on ICC web site19-06-2014SissonClosed
MIWG-14-28MobileEvaluate Colortrue app19-06-2014All interestedClosed
MIWG-14-27MobileCoordinate between AAPM task force on mobile imaging and ICC MIWG Mobile activity19-06-2014BadanoClosed
MIWG-14-26PhotographyProvide medical photography contacts in US and U. Cardiff to Penczek09-04-2014SissonDone
MIWG-14-25PhotographyConsider providing a description of the calibration procedure09-04-2014Vander HaeghenClosed
MIWG-14-24PhotographyProvide reference to X-Rite flesh tone colour samples09-04-2014LianzaDone
MIWG-14-23PhotographyProvide draft description of camera characterization procedure09-04-2014GreenDone
MIWG-14-21PhotographyCoordinate ad-hoc meeting on Measurement for Medical Photography09-04-2014PenczekDone
MIWG-14-20PhotographyConsider sharing scene analysis data with group09-04-2014Vander HaeghenClosed
MIWG-14-19PhotographyProvide details Journal of Digital Imaging to Mr Revie09-04-2014FlynnDone
MIWG-14-18MIWGProvide contact at Topcon Japan to Sisson03-03-2014RevieDone
MIWG-14-17MIWGProvide contacts at X-Rite Munsell Group to Sisson03-03-2014LianzaClosed
MIWG-14-16MIWGInclude recommendation on white surface to be included in scene in medical photography guidelines03-03-2014Penczek, GreenClosed
MIWG-14-15MIWGPrepare presentation slides for next meeting on capture-to-transform workflow03-03-2014Lianza, HulskenClosed
MIWG-14-14MIWGFFEI assessment slide: Participate in round-robin test03-03-2014All interested membersDone
MIWG-14-13WSIParticipate in FFEI calibration slide assessment20-02-2014Interested membersDone
MIWG-14-12WSIMIWG web site and wiki: Provide suggestions for content to Phil Green20-02-2014AllClosed
MIWG-14-11OpthalmologyIdentify workflow31-01-2014TBDClosed
MIWG-14-10OpthalmologyDevise capture protocol31-01-2014TBDClosed
MIWG-14-09OpthalmologyModel eye component of phantom31-01-2014Sisson, fundus camera manufacturersDone
MIWG-14-08OpthalmologyIdentify colors to use in phantom31-01-2014Farnand, Fairchild, SissonDone
MIWG-14-07WSICirculate proposal for biopolymer-based calibration slide for consideration by the group for consortium funding or other development21-01-2014RevieDone
MIWG-14-06WSIOrganise circulation of a single slide to vendors with measurement capability for a round robin test21-01-2014RevieDone
MIWG-14-05WSIShare slides and procedure for testing by other members of the group21-01-2014YagiClosed
MIWG-14-04DisplaysProvide a copy of the AAPM mRGB document to this group in advance of the May telecom16-01-2014FlynnDone
MIWG-14-03DisplaysRaise sRGB issues in DICOM16-01-2014KimpeDone
MIWG-14-02DisplaysProvide profiles and prototype colour management architecture for perceptually linear GSDF-based calibration16-01-2014KimpeDone
MIWG-14-01DisplaysRaise points from Jan meeting in AAPM16-01-2014FlynnDone