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Manufacturer Registry

Below is a complete listing of manufacturers registered with the International Color Consortium. Would you like to add a manufacturer?

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Manufacturer Id Manufacturer Country  
WGTI-57475449 Winglobal Technology Inc. Taiwan Devices >
WLBR-574C4252 Wilbur Imaging UK Devices >
WTG2-57544732 Ware To Go The Netherlands Devices >
WYSE-57595345 WYSE Technology USA Devices >
XERX-58455258 Xerox Corporation USA Devices >
XRIT-58524954 X-Rite USA Devices >
yxym-7978796D YxyMaster GmbH Germany Devices >
Z123-5A313233 Lavanya's test Company USA Devices >
Zebr-5A656272 Zebra Technologies Inc France Devices >
ZRAN-5A52414E Zoran Corporation USA Devices >

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