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Manufacturer Registry

Below is a complete listing of manufacturers registered with the International Color Consortium. Would you like to add a manufacturer?

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Manufacturer Id Manufacturer Country  
RDDx-52444478 Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. USA Devices >
RDG -52444720 Roland DG Corporation Japan Devices >
REDM-5245444D REDMS Group, Inc. USA Devices >
RELI-52454C49 Relisys USA Devices >
RGMS-52474D53 Rolf Gierling Multitools Germany Devices >
RICO-5249434F Ricoh Corporation USA Devices >
RNLD-524E4C44 Edmund Ronald FRANCE Devices >
ROYA-524F5941 Royal USA Devices >
RPC -52504320 Ricoh Printing Systems,Ltd. Japan Devices >
RTL -52544C20 Royal Information Electronics Co., Ltd. TAIWAN Devices >
SAMP-53414D50 Sampo Corporation of America USA Devices >
SAMS-53414D53 Samsung, Inc. USA Devices >
SANT-53414E54 Jaime Santana Pomares SPAIN Devices >
SCIT-53434954 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
Scit-53636974 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
scit-73636974 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
SCRN-5343524E Dainippon Screen USA Devices >
scrn-7363726E Dainippon Screen USA Devices >
SDP -53445020 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
Sdp -53647020 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >

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