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Manufacturer Registry

Below is a complete listing of manufacturers registered with the International Color Consortium. Would you like to add a manufacturer?

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Manufacturer Id Manufacturer Country  
HERM-4845524D Hermes USA Devices >
HITA-48495441 Hitachi America, Ltd. USA Devices >
HiTi-48695469 HiTi Digital, Inc. Taiwan Devices >
HP -48502020 Hewlett-Packard USA Devices >
HPK -48504B20 Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Japan Devices >
HTC -48544320 Hitachi, Ltd. Japan Devices >
IBM -49424D20 IBM Corporation USA Devices >
IDNT-49444E54 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
Idnt-49646E74 Scitex Corporation, Ltd. ISRAEL Devices >
IEC -49454320 Hewlett-Packard USA Devices >
IIYA-49495941 Iiyama North America, Inc. USA Devices >
IKEG-494B4547 Ikegami Electronics, Inc. USA Devices >
IMAG-494D4147 Image Systems Corporation USA Devices >
IMI -494D4920 Ingram Micro, Inc. USA Devices >
Inca-496E6361 Inca Digital Printers Ltd. UK Devices >
INTC-494E5443 Intel Corporation USA Devices >
INTL-494E544C N/A N/A Devices >
INTR-494E5452 Intra Electronics USA, Inc. USA Devices >
IOCO-494F434F Iocomm International Technology Corporation USA Devices >
IPS -49505320 InfoPrint Solutions Company USA Devices >

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