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Manufacturer Registry

Below is a complete listing of manufacturers registered with the International Color Consortium. Would you like to add a manufacturer?

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Manufacturer Id Manufacturer Country  
OPTI-4F505449 Optiquest USA Devices >
PACK-5041434B Packard Bell USA Devices >
PANA-50414E41 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. JAPAN Devices >
PANT-50414E54 Pantone, Inc. USA Devices >
PBN -50424E20 Packard Bell USA Devices >
PFU -50465520 PFU Limited JAPAN Devices >
PHIL-5048494C Philips Consumer Electronics Co. Netherlands Devices >
PKDS-504B4453 Polkadots Software Inc. Canada Devices >
PNTX-504E5458 HOYA Corporation PENTAX Imaging Systems Division Japan Devices >
POne-504F6E65 Phase One A/S Denmark Devices >
PREM-5052454D Premier Computer Innovations USA Devices >
PRIN-5052494E Princeton Graphic Systems USA Devices >
PRIP-50524950 Princeton Publishing Labs USA Devices >
QLUX-514C5558 Hong Kong, China Devices >
QMS -514D5320 QMS, Inc. USA Devices >
QPCD-51504344 QPcard AB Sweden Devices >
QUAD-51554144 QuadLaser USA Devices >
quby-71756279 Qubyx Sarl FRANCE Devices >
QUME-51554D45 Qume Corporation USA Devices >
RADI-52414449 Radius, Inc. USA Devices >

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