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Summit on Color in Medical Imaging: Presentations

May 8-9 2013


Yukako YagiColor aspects and Color Standardization in Digital Microscopy
Darren TreanorColour in Histopathology Imaging
Stephen†HewittColor Within The Context Of Whole-Slide Imaging
Brendan BoyceThe Biological Stain Commission
Hideto YokoiThe Overview of Endoscopy and Laparoscopy
Homma HiroyukiColor Imaging in Endoscopy and Laparoscopy
Stein Olav SkrÝvsethRequirements for Color in Computer Aided Diagnostics Tool for Dermoscopy
Mike FlynnPatient Photographs in the Electronic Health Record
Masahiro NishiboriColor Reproduction in Medical Diagnosis
John PenczekColor Error in the Digital Camera Image Capture Process
Christye P. SissonImage Capture Characteristics of a Fundus Camera
Andrew CasertanoDICOM WG 22 Dentistry
Masahiro YamaguchiHigh-Fidelity Color Reproduction and Multispectral Medical Imaging
Thomas Roger SchopfImportance of Colors in Teledermatology
Elizabeth KrupinskiThe Role of Color in Telemedicine Applications
Wei-Chung ChengPrimary Stability: Mechanism, Measurement, Metric, and Remedy
Andy MasiaDisplay Color Measurement
Tom KimpeColor Behavior of Medical Displays
Takashi MatsuiAdvancement of LCD Technologies and Consistent Presentation of Image
Paul BoyntonColor Error in Mobile Displays and Desktop Monitors
Balazs†Vince NagyChromatic Stimuli and Instrumentation in Experimental Vision Research
Phil GreenThe ICC Approach to Colour Management
David ClunieDICOM & IHE Standards for Medical Color Imaging
Aldo BadanoStandards and Recommendations for Color Medical Displays