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Profile viewing and testing resources

Probe Profile

The Probe Profile makes it possible to easily identify which rendering intent has been used in a transform. By deliberately distorting the colours in a systematic way, the profile makes it obvious which rendering intent has been applied.

Browser test

The Browser Test page diagnoses how a web browser applies color management. It shows whether there is no color management, a successful operation or a faulty CMM.

The v4 Test page shows whether a browser supports v4 profiles correctly.

ICC Profile Inspector

ICC Profile Inspector is a free utility which will open an ICC profile and allow you to see the entries in the header and the individual profile tags. Curves can be viewed graphically and LUT values can be dumped to a text file.


SampleICC is a publicly-available code library which will create, parse, manipulate and apply ICC profiles. It includes a utility to test the conformance of a profile with the ICC specification.

Profile Dump

Profile Dump is an example utility built using SampleICC, which reads ICC profiles and can be used to test them for conformance with the current specification.

The DemoIccMax Implementation incorporates an updated version of Profile Dump that supports iccMAX profiles, and is recommended for validating such profiles against the iccMAX specification.