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Procedures for submitting material to the ICC Resource Center

Thank you for your interest in submitting material to the ICC resource center website. Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. You can submit links to articles, code, products, and educational opportunities that deal with the ICC, ICC profiles, ICC profile validation, ICC workflow, color management, color imaging, and color science.
  2. You can submit articles, code, and/or products that will be hosted directly on the ICC web page. However, the ICC will only host articles, code, and products that are free of charge (shareware).
  1. In case of articles, the text needs to have educational value. Promotional material will be rejected. The article has to be in PDF format. The size limit of any file posted on the ICC web page is 3 MB.
  2. Code or software needs to be delivered in a compressed file that is self-decompressing or readable on the intended computer platform. The size limit of any file posted on the ICC web page is 3 MB. A document (in PDF or ASCII text file) describing the code or software, and your contact information, also has to be submitted. The size limit of any file posted on the ICC web page is 3 MB.
  1. You need to submit:
  1. The category your submission falls into:
  • Profiles
  • Profile Creation
  • CMMs
  • Profile Reader/Profile Validator
  • Literature
  • Education
  1. A title best describing your submission (no longer than 10 words)
  2. An abstract for posting on the ICC web site (not longer than 50 words)
  3. An active URL to your site, OR
  1. An article with educational value in PDF format (see 2.A).
  2. Compressed code and/or software with a documentation file in PDF or ASCII text.
  1. Send your material to Phil Green at [email protected].
  2. If the URL changes or is discontinued, please inform the ICC immediately!
  3. It is solely in the discretion of the ICC officers if a submission is posted or not. Submissions can be rejected without giving any reasons.
  4. What not to submit?..

Your emailed submission may not (a) include any information constituting or encouraging conduct that is a criminal offense or gives rise to civil liability, (b) contain a virus, "trojan horse," "worm" or other harmful or disruptive component, (c) include any information, software or other material which is protected by copyright, patent, or other intellectual property right, or derivative works thereof, without obtaining permission of the owner or rightholder of such intellectual property right. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the ICC and its affiliates and related companies, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents harmless from any and all liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, related to any violation of the foregoing.

The ICC has no obligation to review the submissions. However, the ICC reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that, in its sole discretion, are unacceptable, undesirable, or in violation of the above stated restrictions.