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ICC Medical Imaging European Experts' Day

Wednesday 4th March 2015

ICC held a European Medical Imaging Experts Day with experts with an interest in colour in medical imaging.


  • Bench testing and simulations of imaging pipelines (Tom Kimpe)
  • Whole Slide Imaging Sierra round robin initial results and proposed next steps (Craig Revie)
  • Multispectral extensions for DICOM (Bas Hulsken)
  • Achieving a realistic colour appearance for 3-D printed skin (Sophie Wuerger)
  • ICC Profiles from RAW data for digital cameras (Franz Herbert)
  • Diagnostic value of colour in dermoscopic images (Kajsa Mřllersen)
  • Development of a standard for colour in Petri dish imaging (Jérémie Pescatore)
  • Accurate calibration of darkfield microscopy systems (Yves Vander Haeghen)
  • The advantages of spectral camera color characterization (Uwe Artman)
  • ICS for medical imaging modalities (Phil Green)
  • Imaging at Westminster (Efthimia Bilissi)

Presentations from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Recordings of the meeting:
Morning session
Afternoon session

Barco Kuurne
Noordlaan 5
8520 Kuurne