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Device Registry

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Below is a complete listing of devices for the manufacturer: SONY-534F4E59. Would you like to add a device?

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Manufacturer Device
SONY-534F4E59 0005-30303035 (DPP-EX5)
SONY-534F4E59 0007-30303037 (DPP-EX7)
SONY-534F4E59 0010-30303130 (UP-DP10)
SONY-534F4E59 0015-30303135 (UP-CR15L)
SONY-534F4E59 0016-30303136 (UP-CX2)
SONY-534F4E59 0021-30303231 (UP-D21MD)
SONY-534F4E59 0030-30303330 (DPP-FP30)
SONY-534F4E59 0050-30303530 (EX-50)
SONY-534F4E59 0055-30303535 (UP-D55)
SONY-534F4E59 0100-30313030 (UP-DR100)
SONY-534F4E59 0129-30313239 (DPP-MP1)
SONY-534F4E59 0201-30323031 (UP-CR20L)
SONY-534F4E59 0700-30373030 (UP-D700)
SONY-534F4E59 0CX2-30435832 (UP-CX2)
SONY-534F4E59 1100-31313030 (UP-DR100)
SONY-534F4E59 1504-31353034 (UP-DR150)
SONY-534F4E59 2009-32303039 (DPP-M1)
SONY-534F4E59 2011-32303131 (DPP-M55)
SONY-534F4E59 2020-32303230 (P-300)
SONY-534F4E59 2040-32303430 (CVP-P77)

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