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Spot colour overprint simulation

Workflows: Profiles that allow for visualization and/or simulation of ink overprints involving device channels including both process colour and spot colour tone values when the spot colour channels are NOT managed using ICC profiles.

Profile sub-class: 'osim'

Responsible organization: ICC

Contact: Phil Green

ICS: DRAFT-ICS-SpotOverprintSimulationPart1-v6

Example profile: 17ChanPart1.icc

XML and data files:

Notes on this ICS:

This ICS has been reviewed by ICC. As with all ICS documents, an iccMAX profile conforming to the ICS is also provided.

Notes on this profile:

  • Since there is a large difference between interpolation of Lab values and reflectance values for tints, the interpolated 50% Lab tint will NOT correspond well to the interpolated 50% spectral tint. However, there should be good correlation between linearly interpolated XYZ values and spectral values.
  • The modeling for tints is somewhat basic for named colors with no shaper curves to provide a linearization correction for interpolation purposes.
Notes on XML and data files:

The xml file can be used in conjunction with IccXml in the Reference Implementation to make the profile above. It calls the data files in the .zip file, which should be placed in the same folder as the xml file.