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ICC Medical Imaging Working Group


Enable and promote the correct and effective use of ICC color management for medical imaging.

Specifically the group will:

  1. Identify issues with the implementation and use of color management for medical imaging.
  2. Establish and maintain liaison relationships with the appropriate medical imaging standards development organizations, e.g. DICOM, AAPM, ACR, IEC and ISO.
  3. Prepare white papers and other educational materials, and promotion activities to guide developers and users in the appropriate application of color management to medical imaging.
  4. When necessary, propose new ICC specifications or revisions to existing ICC (and other) specifications to address the needs of the medical imaging community.
  5. Promote the use of ICC color management in medical imaging.

Chairman: Mr. Craig Revie


A Summit on Color in Medical Imaging was held on May 8-9 2013 in Silver Spring, MD. Experts from all relevant areas discussed the best way forward to provide improved color support for medical imaging applications. The ICC Medical Imaging Working Group was formed as a reponse to the need for future activity identified at this meeting.

The first physical meeting of the MIWG will be in Vancouver, BC, (to be confirmed) as part of the ICC Working Group meetings on November 18-20 2013. Further details will be posted here when available.

ICC also held a Color Experts' Day in February 2013 in conjunction with Chiba University, which included papers on medical imaging by professors and research students at Chiba.


Below is a list of work items that the Group has decided to focus on.

Calibration slide for histopathology

  • Develop a calibration system for digital microscopes

DICOM camera raw support and EXIF tags

  • Extend DICOM to provide support for Camera RAW image format and to include metadata from EXIF tags to provide the data needed to derive the colorimetry of a scene

Medical RGB Color Space - mRGB

  • Define a set of colour spaces and ICC profiles for medical displays using the GSDF as the greyscale

Framework for multispectral imaging

  • Define a multispectral imaging framework

Open source reference implementation

  • Connect the ICC's open source 'Sample ICC' or similar CMM with a suitable open source DICOM viewer to serve as a baseline implementation

Colour support for mobile devices

  • Develop guidelines for colour support on mobile devices

Best practice papers for colour in DICOM

  • Develop guidelines for each imaging modality and where possible a set of tests that can be used to check conformance

Color connectathon

  • Extend existing medical imaging connectathons to include colour capability

Wiki for test images

  • Define a set of reference images for all modalities, and a wiki to make test images available

Invitation to participate

If you have expertise in one or more of the above areas, and are interested in contributing to the activities of the Working Group, please contact the MIWG Chair.