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ICC DevCon 2020: The Future of Color Management

The next International Color Consortium Developers Conference "ICC DevCon 2020" will have the theme 'The Future of Color Management. It will be held on-line as a series of six webinars during November 2020 and January 2021. Plan to join us! DevCon2020 will include talks from international researchers, presentations from ICC members on implementing advanced colour management solutions, and an extended hands-on workshop on using iccMAX.

Participants can build the iccMAX Demo Implementation following a video by Tanzima Habib.

Full program details including abstracts of talks and speaker details are here. Links to the recordings of each session will be posted below.

Registration for the workshop is now closed but recordings will be posted here after the event.

With the publication in 2019 of ISO 20677, ICC's next-generation colour management architecture, the stage is set for a major rethink of colour management. In response to new hardware technology and new user requirements, researchers and developers have been working on colour management solutions that aim to quantify and reproduce visual appearance beyond the diffuse, 2D colorimetry supported in ICC v4. New developments are arising in the measurement and modelling of appearance, in lighting and display technology, the production of complex gonio-chromatic surface effects, combined with with a move towards colour matching for individual observers instead of a 'one colour fits all' approach.

ICC DevCon 2020 will focus on these new and emerging developments and how they can be implemented in a colour managed workflow. ICC invites presentations on recent work on topics including HDR imaging, BRDF (and other directional models of appearance), colorimetric observers and illuminants, measurement and modelling of appearance, the reproduction of complex surface properties such as gonio-chromatism, fluorescence and texture. It will also focus on key application areas of the future, such as multi-colour 2D and 3D printing, cultural heritage, and web and broadcast imaging.

See the ApTech press release on DevCon2020

Listen to a podcast of an interview with DevCon speaker Tanzima Habib.

See a video summary of the 2016 Developer Conference, DevCon2016.

What you will learn

Participants will learn about:

  • the latest research in advanced colour management topics
  • recent implementations of advanced solutions in iccMAX
  • how to use iccMAX in your own projects


November 16 2020: Emerging needs in colour management of colorimetric and spectral data
View the recording

William Li, Kodak Inc.

Color Management in the 21st Century
Danny Rich, Sun Chemical (a division of Dainippon Ink and Printing)

Spectral reproduction
Tanzima Habib, NTNU

A new colour management paradigm
William Li, Kodak Inc.

November 23 2020: Colour and material appearance
View the recording

Colour appearance
Ronnier Luo, Zhejiang University

3D printing spatially varying color and translucency
Philipp Urban, Frauenhofer Institute

BRDF implementation
Tanzima Habib, NTNU

Total appearance capture and reproduction
James Vogh, X-Rite

November 30 2020: Display and print
View the recording

Colour on the web and broadcast
Chris Lilley

Requirements for n-colour reproduction
William Li, Kodak

N-colour work at Onyx
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

Workshop sessions

Led by Max Derhak, the initial contributor and maintainer of the iccMAX reference implementation, RefIccMAX. These sessions will include hands-on participation.

Prepare for the workshop by building the iccMAX Demo Implementation on your system (see the video by Tanzima Habib for a detailed guide to building the code with Visual Studio on a PC).

The January 18 Workshop will use code developed by Max Derhak, which can be downloaded below:
Waypoint (Wpt)

January 11 2021: Workshop I (Introductory)
View the recording

Features of iccMAX
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

Profile connection and PCS operations
Powerpoint animations for PCS operations
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

January 18 2021: Workshop II (advanced)
View the recording

Using iccXML to create and get information about profiles
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

iccMAX implementation at Barbieri
Michele Conni, Barbieri Electronic

Working with RefIccMAX
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics

January 25 2021: Workshop III (ICS) (Starts 14:00 UTC)

Calculator Element programming
Tanzima Habib, NTNU

Interoperability conformance specifications
Phil Green, NTNU

Using ICS workflow profiles to better understand iccMAX
Max Derhak, Onyx Graphics


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Information on sponsoring DevCon2020 is here